Shannon Houde joins the ICAEW Sustainability Committee

by Shannon Houde

We are honourned to announce that this June, Shannon was selected to join the ICAEW Sustainability Committee and confirmed amongst their newest members. As an accountant herself in a prior career, Shannon is excited to lend her expertise in sustainability, Corporate Responsibility (CR) and international business to this renowned professional body.

ICAEW is a global leader in the accountancy and finance profession. They equip accountants and other financial professionals with practical, relevant tools to be proactive, pre-empt sustainability issues before they arise, and find new business opportunities in this changing environment.

Recognizing early on the important role sustainability will play in the future of the financial system, ICAEW established their Sustainability Committee with a diverse range of members. The goal of the Committee will be to


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  • leverage ICAEW’s network of accountants and partners to professionalise the measurement and reporting of social, environmental, and governance indicators and
  • mainstream triple bottom line reporting through pioneering new ways to educate and engage the public through a sustainability lens.

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