10 Sustainability & Green Job Boards to Help You Find Your Dream Role

by Shannon Houde

There are so many green job boards on the web now that it can be overwhelming. So which ones are the best? Depending on the type of job you’re looking for and the location you’re targeting, some sites may be more helpful than others. To help you better navigate the green/sustainability job board terrain, I’ve provided a list of my 10 favouritesites listed in alphabetical order with most either focused on the US or UK markets.

Always remember to not only bookmark the roles that you see posted, but also, save a pdf or word version in an organised folder on your computer so that you can always reference back to them at a later date if needed.  Good luck surfing!


BSR is a leading CSR consultancy in the U.S. Their CSR job board has limited roles posted but very strong brands/companies and diverse opportunities.  It is structured in a simple list format with location and some non-US roles.  The BSR site also has a separate page for BSR roles in US, China and France.


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Charity Job

Charity Job is mainly a UK-focused job board and offers roles in any and all types of charities, NGOs, foundations as well as types of charity related roles.  It is very user friendly allowing you to add selection criteria and save jobs you are interested in. It also includes close dates, which is helpful.

Environmental Career

This job board is a great source for technical environmental roles in the US, and it occasionally lists international roles as well.  The site’s concise job descriptions complete with company logos allows you to easily scan through the list of roles, and you can search for positions according to location and industry.

Environment Jobs

This is another UK-focused site, and has great search functionality like the option to sort based on sustainability/green sectors and salary.


This site has a great selection of corporate responsibility jobs in a variety of industries. About half of roles are in the UK, but they have a fair number of jobs in the US, Europe and Asia. This site also has a mailing list that allows you to get the latest postings easily to your in-box.


The Greenbiz job board lists mostly US roles with a focus on green energy, green business and green project management. While the sheer volume of jobs available on this site is impressive, employers can post jobs and internships for free, which means that the quality is not always as good as some of the paid sites.  However, Greenbiz is one of the best in terms of search functionality and job variety.

Great Green Careers

This site is mainly for environmental and energy jobs in the US and Canada.  Most of the roles seem to be in Alberta, Canada and California. It has a pretty good Green Jobs Resources page with links to other sites and news.

Guardian Jobs

The UK’s leading newspaper’s job board is the best in my opinion for one-stop job hunting.  It offers all types of roles, easy functionality and good content related to their Guardian Professional network, blog and Sustainable Business quarterly event.


This CSR job portal has been around since 2001 and has recently made the job search page easier to view by allowing you to sort according to location, topic, function, sector.  Most of the posts are in the US and in environmental fields, but plenty of other countries are represented as well.  However, I still find the listings difficult to navigate and realized that nine roles in Asia didn’t mean located in Asia, but rather, with the word ‘Asia’ in the job description somewhere – a bit misleading.

Net Impact

Member log-in required for this mostly US-focused site.  Although Net Impact now has professional chapters globally, the jobs board is still US centric.  The functionality is not great in that you can’t search or sort easily – you can only scroll down. However, you can save the job and see the “degree/experience” level of the role.



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