The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook by Jeana Wirtenberg, William G. Russell and David Lipsky

by Shannon Houde

Written by sustainability pros for sustainability pros, the Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook is a brilliant collection of essays by thought leaders on the mechanics of embedding sustainability. In 300+ pages, it seeks to do three key things: increase understanding and awareness of sustainability on conceptual, practical and personal levels, energise and expand commitment to building sustainable enterprises, and provide the tools and techniques needed.

And it does just that, taking a realistic and strictly hands-on approach to the challenge of sustainable enterprise through activities, case studies, tools and opportunities to engage with an online collaborative workspace. Starting with an introduction that sets out an unequivocal business case and explores barriers to sustainability, it goes on to look at leadership for a sustainable enterprise, mental models for sustainability, developing a sustainability strategy, managing the change, employee engagement, metrics and measurement systems, sustainable globalisation and transorganisational collaboration.

Light reading it most certainly ain’t, but if you’re at the sustainability coalface within your organisation, this book offers – as the authors say – “a path to a better world and a more sustainable future by supporting employees, managers and leaders at every level and in every function, sector and industry.” A must read.

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