Top 10 Sustainability Recruitment Agencies and How to Approach Them (Part 1)

by Shannon Houde

The job search process can be lengthy and overwhelming with so many job boards and LinkedIn groups to troll through on a regular basis.  Working with recruitment agencies or executive search firms can help you in the process but only if you are smart about working with them.

Here are the top executive search firms specialising in sustainability in the UK and the US, depending on your focus within the sustainability field.

5 Sustainability recruitment agencies in the UK:

1. Acre


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2. Allen & York

3. Amida

4. Evergreen Resources

5. Wilbury Stratton

 5 Sustainability recruitment agencies in the US:

1. Weinreb Group

2. Hobson Associates

3. Common Good Careers (now Koya Partners)

4. Bright Green Talent

5. Gaia Human Capital

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of three recruiters to target based on geography and industry focus, you should take some time to strategise, get your “pitch story” straight, and be clear about what you want from them before you reach out.

Coming up, the second post in this two-part series gives four tips I often give my clients about how to approach sustainability recruitment firms and executive search companies.

Next: Top 10 Sustainability Recruitment Agencies and How to Approach Them (Part 2)


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