Walk of Life Leaders

by Shannon Houde

Great performers and athletes rely on coaching support to focus their goals, plan their approach and eliminate inner blocks to success. The same holds true for executives and leaders wanting to deliver greater returns for their organisation.

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remote working
7 Habits You Need to Stay Healthy and Balanced While Working From Home

I am finding that there are some hidden benefits to this nasty Coronavirus after all.  Most of us at one time or another has begged and pleaded to have the opportunity to work remotely!  Well we have been granted our wish it seems with this global shutdown. So look on the bright side!  We not only get to save commute time and invest that time back into our personal wellbeing and into our relationships, but, we also get to contribute

By Shannon Houde
Interview: Fast-Track to the Top or Dead-End Street?

Shannon was interviewed by Innov8rs for the Innovators Handbook 2018. You can view the original article here. 01 // WHAT ARE THE CORE SKILLS INNOVATORS NEED?   DON’T MISS OUTON MORE FREE TIPS Sign Up For Our Newsletter Sign up 02 // HOW DO YOU DEFINE A CAREER AS A CORPORATE INNOVATOR? 03 // HOW AND WHERE DO YOU PUSH THE BOUNDARIES VS TOW THE COMPANY LINE? 04 // WHAT SKILLS WOULD INNOVATORS NEED IN THE NEAR FUTURE?  

By Shannon Houde
Keynote: Business can save the world

People are business and people are what can and should ‘save the world’. That was my message at the Cambridge International Development Conference where we discussed the ethics of international development and business. In my speech on responsible business I put forward the five key skills that champions for sustainable development will need to be the change: People skills outside of silos Change leadership Systems thinking Partnership building Innovation Watch my video below and let me know if you agree.

By Shannon Houde
10 Years of Impact

Celebrate a decade of impact with us and our 800 change maker clients! We couldn’t do it without the diversity, commitment and resilience of the clients who trust us to guide them forward in making a more scalable difference. DON’T MISS OUTON MORE FREE TIPS Sign Up For Our Newsletter Sign up

By Shannon Houde


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