What Clients Say

Shannon's program and consultation is exactly what I needed to obtain my dream job in the impact sector. She helped me understand what I am targeting and be able to pull the skills I have acquired in my past experiences into a new resume that made it so I received many call backs for interviews. I recently signed an offer with one of my top companies as a sustainability consultant – my dream job and this is all thanks to Shannon. I can't recommend this course enough if you are unsure how to transition.

Kelsey Donahue, Consultant

Climate Partner

Shannon helped me think strategically about my ideal future, worked with me on concrete steps to position for that future, and coached me around the mental blocks in my way.

Chelsea Mozen, Director of Sustainability


Shannon pushed me go for the kind of roles I truly want, rather than settling for ones I can get. She helped me to better articulate my story and accomplishments in a way that is deserving of my contributions, so that I can now market myself in a genuine and confident manner. She helped me understand the need to translate my accomplishments into a language that better meets recruiters/hiring manager’s needs. Her accompanying online course is amazing and her personal work ethic inspiring.

Lalita Badinehal, Vice President, Americas Corporate Citizenship, Head of Grantmaking

Credit Suisse

Walk of Life really helped me think about my long-term career goals and how to position myself effectively in order to build the experience and relationships to achieve those goals. Shortly after my coaching sessions, I received a promotion involving a significant step up in terms of profile and responsibility.

Paul Spraycar, Sr Project Director

The Nature Conservancy

Shannon is an accomplished career coach with a unique ability to help clients clearly articulate their value proposition. She brings her deep knowledge of the impact sector together with her many years as a recruiter to effectively guide job seekers on their employment journey. I recommend Shannon to anybody looking to enter or advance in the impact sector.

Lindsay Vignoles, Manager Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)


I highly recommend the Group Coaching program with Shannon. I was held accountable to completing the online program through weekly check-ins and developed a great network of like-minded individuals. I feel so much more confident in being able to find my next dream job now!

Lindsay Moskovitz, Associate Manager, Sales Education


Walk of Life opened my mind to the lingo of the impact sector, which has allowed me to identify precisely what I want to do and helped me create the marketing materials I need to sell myself for those roles. These materials are so effective - I've been getting scores of compliments and, more importantly, networking meetings and interviews.

Vijay Padmanabhan, Lead Strategic Response


I liked the process, it helped me to get the ball rolling with my job search & “job thinking” and to stay on task. These can be really challenging topics, so it was nice to attack them with tangible worksheets. It was also helpful to understand more deeply why I am choosing a certain path/direction for the future.

Mariana Souza, Senior Associate, Advisory


Working with Shannon was exactly what I needed when I needed it! She helped me to clearly articulate the connection between my past experience as an environmental consultant and my desired transition into corporate sustainability. She’s very pragmatic and creative in her approach with a wonderful sense of humour. As both a coach and mentor her listening skills and writing craftsmanship are unparalleled. Her process and the wealth of resources she provides are well worth the time and money for the value you receive. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Shannon to anyone wanting to explore their careers.

Adrianne Gilbride, Supply Chain Sustainability Lead

Arc’teryx Equipment Inc

I have enjoyed working with Shannon for more than 3 years at Acre. She is an experienced and inspiring career coach with an in-depth understanding of the corporate responsibility and sustainability markets. She is passionate about helping others to gain competitive advantage and be more strategic in their career decisions. I highly recommend her as a colleague, a coach and a sustainability expert.

Andy Cartland, Founder at Acre and Deputy Chair

Global Action Plan

I'm grateful for Shannon's coaching this year, which really helped me to sharpen and focus how I write and talk about my career and aspirations. With Shannon's guidance, I strengthened my resume and realized how I can best articulate my skills and values to organizations during interviews. Thank you, Shannon!

Robbie Lock, Sustainability Manager


Shannon helped me organize and present my experience as a more senior level executive. Going through the process helped me to think through the skills needed to reach my career aspirations and to align my story to those needs. All of the sessions were equally helpful from the beginning when we talked through the plan to the end when we were refining my story across platforms.

Corey Blair, Global Brand Lead

Sanofi Genzyme

Shannon’s course is informative and easy to follow. Our 1:1s were incredible productive and she always met me where I was and got to the root of some of my mental blocks to move along the operational aspects of job hunting. Shannon has your back, knows the industry incredibly well, and, perhaps just as important - she treats her clients like real people.

Martica Wakeman, Co-Founder


I am so glad that I chose to work with Shannon to optimize my career transition from Europe back to the USA. Shannon is insightful and knowledgeable and provided great guidance for clarifying my goals and upgrading my resume and bio.

Peggy Brannigan, Senior Prog Mgr, Global Environmental Sustainability


I consider myself a "Jill" of all trades and have worn many hats in my professional career in a wide range of sectors, so I was feeling a bit lost when trying to figure out my professional "happy place." Shannon's 1 :1 coaching sessions helped me discover the career path I SHOULD be striving for based on the skillsets I have already built. Through this process, I gained confidence and reassurance that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in my career trajectory.

Angelina Skowronski, Commercial Manager

Marine Stewardship Council

I was looking to make a transition from corporate world to impact sector and needed to re-engineer my resume to highlight the variety of volunteer and professional activities that I had been a part of. The process that Shannon guided me through was rigorous and effective. I am happy to say I am now in that impact role and I consider Shannon to be a coach for the future as well. Super professional and surely worth the investment of time and resources.

Noel Smyth, Enterprise Software Manager

World Resources Institute

I worked with Shannon to help me focus my job search and improve my resume and branding. From my perspective, our partnership was a huge success. The Walk of Life Self Study course, along with counselling from Shannon, helped me chart the next phase of my career. I was able to take what I learned from Shannon and apply it directly to my job search, enabling me to land a great job with one of my top target organizations.

Robert Hart, Energy Manager

City of Providence

Shannon is who you want to meet for your career coaching in the sustainability arena. Not only does she have invaluable insight into this job market but she will also help you to better identify your own skills and how to best market them

Juan Salazar, Director, Responsible Investment

BMO Global Asset Management

I met Shannon while finishing my MBA coursework at GW and loved her incredible energy, focus, passion, sharp insight, and honesty. She is a great listener, asks all the right questions, and doesn't waste any time coming up with solutions and a path forward. I always feel inspired after speaking with Shannon. I highly recommend working with her!

Eugenia Gregorio, VP, Strategy & Sustainability

The Tower Companies

This course was crucial in helping me position for a new leadership role. The deep understanding of the sustainability field and practical, but insightful, tools helped me to tell my story in a way that I was unable to tell on my own.

Angie Fyfe, Executive Director

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability

Walk of Life helped me to better communicate and highlight my relevant skills. The tips, insights and coaching I received have been beneficial to my job search, application process and interview performances. Needless to say I strongly recommend Shannon and her team’s consulting services!

Chantal Beaudoin, Sustainability Consultant


Shannon helped me make sense of my varied and 10+ years of work experience and build a coherent story around it to target my area of career focus. She has a great deal of skill and patience to work through every small detail of your profile, and help structure not just your written profile but also your thoughts. I am glad that I tried the 6-hour package, and would recommend that to anyone who is struggling with their career story. I feel a lot more confident about my job search now, and I am already seeing the results of the materials we produced in our sessions together during my networking efforts.

Poonam Zantye, Global Data Transformation & Decision Intelligence

Walmart Labs

By partnering with Shannon at Walk of Life, I was able to become more focused about how I’d like the next chapter of my career to evolve. Through numerous deep-dive conversations to fine-tuning of my resume to interview pointers, Shannon is a master of career transformation.

Sarah Beaubien, Director, US

Quantis International

Shannon helped me focus my professional career in what I wanted, she has the gift of bringing out the best in people, and makes you focus on what you want to achieve and how to get there. I would highly recommend Shannon for someone looking into taking their career onto the next level.

Maria Laura Tinelli, Director

Acrux Partners

I really enjoyed working with Shannon. She provided a different perspective on my experience & skills and challenged me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Upon doing this she then helped to construct a plan for me to work on my development areas. Should I need advice in the future I wouldn't hesitate to use Shannon again.

Tom Peters, Global Director, New Businesses,


I teamed up with Shannon to work together on analyzing and reshaping my career focus in a structured way. Her method and approach were really helpful in getting me to my desired next professional challenge. Appreciate her drive and passion for what she is doing, as well as openness and pragmatic feedback to push me to the desired outcome. Shannon uses best in class tools for professional career positioning in combination with individual coaching to push you to the new boundaries in your career. Would recommend her services without hesitation.

Kaspars Delins, Vice President: Head of Origination and Structuring

BlueOrchard Finance

Working with Shannon has enabled me to re-think my career opportunities. By providing a different perspective on my experience & skills Shannon has challenged me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in order to take the next steps in respect of my career. I would gladly recommend her to other colleagues, friends and associates.

Richard Buchanan, Principal

Tasman Capital

Shannon has been a tremendous help to me, tying up loose ends to get a clear vision on my career progression and what needs to be done to get there. Her professional and realistic advice together with the provided working tools and templates gave me an excellent framework to build on. It has been a pleasure to work with Shannon and I would not hold back to ask her for...more

Andre Arns, Project Manager

ITM Power

Working with Shannon was a real pleasure. The methods and tools that we worked through have helped me re-appraise my approach towards my career development. Would whole heartedly recommend

Ross Atkin, Head of Media Control and Monitoring

Atos Syntel

Shannon was extremely helpful in revising my CV and providing realistic and well-thought career path advice. She is very personable and will work hard to get to know you and your career goals well. I would definitely recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Nicole Kukowski, Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager


When working with Shannon I felt myself clarifying my career goals and next steps as I was talking to her. I was very impressed by her professional and methodical approach as well as her extensive knowledge of the green industry.

Jaishri Srinivasan, PhD Student

Arizona State University

Shannon’s approach towards helping me to clear my thoughts, define concrete objectives and to remain focused on the necessary actions was extremely helpful. Before having started the coaching, I had the impression to go everywhere and nowhere. The kind of questions she asked pushed me to truly think about what I want and how to best approach it in a very pragmatic manner.

Teresa Geidel, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives


Shannon’s approach to overhauling my CV was genuinely novel for me and I think should help me present my experience and past roles in a punchier more skills and outcomes focused manner – fingers crossed!

Keiran Allen, Project Manager

British Gas New Markets

Shannon is very knowledgeable about CSR and Sustainability, something I was able to tap into as I am currently considering a career change and need advice on the industry as a whole and how to sell my skill set.

Katja Silva Leander,Director of Economic Growth


The career coaching services provided by Walk of Life are essential for any professional that aims to achieve his/her best. Shannon has a straightforward approach that brings your best to the table.

Thiago Campos, Performance Manager

Thames Water

Shannon´s knowledge and understanding of the sustainability sector is remarkable. As a candidate, the coaching experience was not only very rich but necessary and essential at this stage of my career.

Florence Laloe, Founder and Managing Director

YBRA Solutions

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Shannon House on a recent career transition. Shannon's knowledge of the sector and her clarity of purpose and vision turned what could have been a very muddled (and potentially unsuccessful!) move into a seamless transition consistent with the positive and focused trajectory I was aiming for. She worked tirelessly to help me present my rather circuitous career history in a clear comprehensible manner that has now set me on the right track and for which I will be eternally grateful! Really - a gift from god!

Olivia Wyndham Stewart, Program Manager Labour Rights

C&A Foundation

Working with Shannon has been a priceless experience. Shannon’s insight and guidance have been incredibly helpful in refreshing my personal brand. Constructive criticism paired with kindness and support – the perfect recipe.

Kathy Cacciola, Vice President, Enterprise Sustainability


The Walk of Life 'Soar to the Summit' session was perfect for me at this juncture of my career! Shannon's process pushed me to think through my skills, values, and traits enabling me to have better clarity on not just what I bring to the table, but also as to what new role makes best sense for me based on my skills. I highly recommend working with Shannon- she is razor sharp and a great coach. The process- started out big and then it was all funnelled into a fine tuned CV, LinkedIn Profile, and bio. Also, your 30 min first session was amazing- very helpful and got me hooked- keep doing that! ;-)

Darcy Roehling, Director, Global Client Solutions